TECALEMIT’s Mini Bulk Oil Tank Packages – Best Practices

TECALEMIT's Mini Bulk Oil Tank Packages

TECALEMIT’s Mini Bulk Oil Tank Packages

Best Practices

TECALEMIT’s mini bulk oil tank packages are perfect for small spaces. They’re perfect for garages, bays, and even yards where there is a tight spot that they need to fit into.

If you are needing to place your new tank outdoors, it is best to consider adding a lean-to roof or traditional cover in order to keep any rain water from collecting on top of the tank. You see, the leak proof seams create a small lip on top of the tank that can cause a small bit of water to collect. This will never compromise your product because the tank is double walled and sealed, but it’s important to protect your outer tank. This will keep the tank from collecting water on top, and it also protects the pump, hose reel, and other components from becoming damaged by the sun or any other unexpected weather phenomenon (hail anyone?).

Always be sure to protect your investment! Treat your tools well, and they will last for a long time. And don’t forget, we have inventory and lots of it! We’re ready to start on your tank as soon as we can! Have questions? Need a mini bulk oil tank package? Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or chat with today!

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