TECALEMIT’s Mini Bulk Double Wall Oil Tank Economy Package

Mini Bulk Double Wall Oil Tank

TECALEMIT’s Mini Bulk Double Wall Oil Tank

The Roth Tank Package You Can’t Afford to Miss

This package is one of the most reliable ones on the market. It’s economical, it’s durable, and it’s meant to be a workhorse. With the 30-year warranty on the Roth tank, you should never have any problems with it or its double wall construction. Paired with the PKHD pump, a single-piston style pump that just doesn’t quit, you should never have to worry about your tank being out of commission.

These packages are perfect for garages, warehouses, or covered areas where they are frequently accessed; they are small enough to fit into a tight space and are fully turnkey upon arrival to you!

Have questions? Ready to get your Roth tank package? Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or click the button in the bottom righthand corner to chat with us now!

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