TECALEMIT’s Liquid Level Sensor – Should You Use a Probe or TecSonic?

Liquid Level Sensor

TECALEMIT’s Liquid Level Sensor

Should You Use a Probe or TecSonic?

When choosing a way to measure your tank liquid levels, you have a couple of options: a tradition differential pressure probe or an ultrasonic monitor.

How to choose one or the other?

  1. Product compatibility – Unlike with a differential pressure probe, an ultrasonic probe can be used on a variety of products without the hassle of much setup. It measures by bouncing an ultrasonic wave off the surface of the product, allowing it to calculate the amount without needing to feel the pressure of the liquid on it.
  2. Reliability – Ultrasonic probes tend to be more reliable; as stated in the first point, they don’t rely on the pressure of the product to tell the amount, meaning there is less likely to be an error in calculation.
  3. Less installation time – The TecSonic requires less installation time than a traditional probe.

Both probes are excellent options, and both are supported with our MyTecalemit Cloud software at no additional cost to connect. You have the flexibility to monitor your tank levels from anywhere and know that they are correct!

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