TECALEMIT’s Hornet W85 Continuous Duty Cycle Pump

Continuous Duty Cycle

TECALEMIT’s Hornet W85 Continuous Duty Cycle Pump

Our Hornet W85 DEF and W85 Diesel pumps boast a class leading motor – that spins at 10,000 RPMs – giving you continuous duty capability! The Hornet is an electrical, true self-priming hybrid pump, with a robust reputation and an incredible price to performance ratio than any other DEF pump on the market. Capable of handling large tank configurations, this is the only pump you will ever need. If you are not familiar with our pumps, the trinity consisting of Hornet W85 DEF and Diesel 110v and the G80c 12v pumps all will give you peace of mind for heavy duty applications needing continuous duty cycle robust pumps.

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