TECALEMIT’s Fuel Transfer Pump – The DEF Hornet W85

Fuel Transfer Pump

TECALEMIT’s Fuel Transfer Pump

The DEF Hornet W85

The Hornet W85 DEF Pump is the heart and soul of TECALEMIT. It’s the very core of why we do what we do. In this congested industry, where customers are given numerous options, the Hornet W85 DEF takes the spotlight.

Why? How do you prove true continuous duty cycle? Well, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We ran our Hornet W85 DEF Pump for 120 minutes straight. No smoke and mirrors.

What you’re seeing in this video is 2007 gallons pumped in 2 hours, resulting in 16.7 gallons/minute (open hose). Imagine what you can do without the limitations of a timer. Ask for it by name and keep your fleet on the road.

Take a closer look at the Hornet W85 DEF fuel transfer pump here.

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