TECALEMIT’s Explosion Proof Tank Level Monitor

Tank Level Monitor

TECALEMIT’s Explosion Proof Tank Level Monitor

The new TecSonic Ex-proof bundle consists of a Class I logger and a Class I level probe. This wireless platform has expanded to be able to work with the proven MyTECALEMIT Cloud Platform, allowing you to monitor your levels on your dashboard. TecSonic Ex-Proof has the added capability to be deployed and implemented as a stand alone solution. This new range of Ultrasonic devices boast generation 6.0 AI echo intelligence, selecting the best returned resonance for an accurate measurement.

With the TecSonic Ex-proof you get:

• Ensured continued supply
• Remote configurability
• 24/7 Accurate and Reliable tank level monitoring
• Programmable alarms, and data reporting interval
• Spot and continuous inventory measurement and management
• Optimise delivery or collections
• Superior battery life at 10 years when selecting 1 call per day

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