TECALEMIT’s Essential Guide for Jobbers This Hurricane Season

As hurricane season approaches with its turbulent winds and unpredictable torrents, jobbers face the challenge of not only ensuring their own operations remain unhampered but also that their clients, reliant on timely fuel deliveries, continue to receive top-notch services. TECALEMIT’s solutions empower jobbers with the tools they need to withstand the stormy onslaught and ensure uninterrupted fluid delivery to their clientele.

1. Secure Uninterrupted Dispensing with HDM ECO 80 12V Diesel Dispensing System:

In the face of power outages and weather disruptions, diesel remains an indispensable resource.

  • HDM ECO 80 12V: This system, tailored for challenging environments, ensures that jobbers can reliably dispense diesel & Keep track of every gallon. With its 12V compatibility, jobbers can ensure their clients have access to diesel no matter the circumstances.


2. Efficient Storage: The Promise of Truck and Trailer Belly Boxes:

For jobbers, transportation efficiency is paramount, especially when navigating post-hurricane scenarios.

  • Truck and Trailer Belly Boxes: These underbody boxes are a game-changer. They allow jobbers to securely stow crucial equipment and ensure it remains protected from the elements, ensuring a smoother delivery process to their clients.

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3. Massive Fluid Deliveries with the PRO-6000 Series:

Post-hurricane, the demand for bulk fluid transfer surges, requiring systems that can handle the pressure.

  • PRO-6000 Series: Capable of managing a wide array of fluids like Gasoline, Diesel, Oil, Chemicals, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). This system is the jobbers’ ace for substantial fluid transfers, ensuring client needs are met effectively.

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4. On-the-Spot Refueling with Wet Hosing Mobile Transfer DEF Pump Units:

Quick refueling becomes an essence, especially in areas hardest hit by the storm.

  • Wet Hosing Mobile Transfer DEF Pump Units: These units, designed for mobility and efficiency, provide jobbers the edge in ensuring swift on-site refueling. Their adaptability guarantees that even in disaster-struck locales, delivery services remain consistent.

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5. Unparalleled Support from TECALEMIT’s Special Services Division:

Should damages or operational glitches arise, a rapid response becomes critical.

  • Special Services Division: Specializing in pump system repairs and refurbishments, this division is the jobbers’ assurance of a swift recovery, ensuring their services to clients remain unhindered.

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In Conclusion:

For jobbers, hurricane season presents a twofold challenge: maintaining their operational integrity and ensuring their clientele continues to receive and use the fluids they rely on. With TECALEMIT’s suite of solutions, jobbers are equipped to face these challenges head-on, ensuring their client commitments are met even when nature tests their mettle.

TECALEMIT is your one-stop shop for Fuel, DEF, Lube Oil, and Chemical equipment solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to help you select the right equipment for your specific applications, as well as assist you in complex design projects. Let us know the limits you’re looking to push, what goals you’re looking to achieve, and let’s partner to create a masterpiece.


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