TECALEMIT’s Diesel Transfer Pump – The Reliable PRO-6000

Diesel Transfer Pump

TECALEMIT’s Diesel Transfer Pump

The Reliable PRO-6000

TECALEMIT’s PRO-6000 high flow transfer systems are the best at what they do: moving fluids (diesel, DEF, oil, etc.). They are reliable, able to move large amounts of fluids, and extremely customizable. Every PRO-6000 that leaves our warehouse is custom-built – the one pictured here is gas-powered, making it flexible and easy to move around a warehouse or other application. With a flow rate of 75+ GPMs, this unit will easily move diesel from one tank to another. With the most basic parts (fill hose, dispense hose, motor, meter, & pump), this diesel transfer pump is highly customizable, able to be fitted with whatever you may need, including filters, hose reels, and more!

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