TECALEMIT’s DEF Hornet Pump – A Stroll Down Memory Lane

TECALEMIT’s DEF Hornet Pump – A Stroll Down Memory Lane

In the beginning, the demand for DEF products was very small, starting with a need for bottles and 55-gallon drums. As the industry matured, we began to see the demand for IBC totes in 275 and 330 sizes, before finally transforming into the mini bulk and larger tanks that we see today.

Tecalemit’s Hornet W85 pump has been one of our most versatile products, growing with you from 55-gallon drums to your totes, and now to our winning line of Tecalemit mini bulk platform and specialty projects, including remote dispensers and heated cabinets. Because of its continuous duty cycle, the Hornet pump has been able to adapt to all of these applications, and now we are proud to include it in the new ROTH DEF PRO ALL IN ONE MINI+ setups.

We celebrate where this pump has been and we look ahead to where this pump will take us into the future!


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