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TECALEMIT’s Commercial Fuel Pumps

The M1 Diesel Dispenser

Where is the M1 diesel dispenser usually found? In what scenario would the M1 be useful?

The M1 is typically found in scenarios where a single dispenser (or dispenser and secondary unit) can tackle multiple products.

For example: If you are managing two products (Diesel + DEF), the M1 can bring the convenience of having one single point capable of tracking and dispensing both products. Brand new tank set ups are ideal in these scenarios to save costs on installation.

Or, another example, if you need to track more than 2 product lines, the M1 head unit can be upgraded to a 5-hose system (through the use of secondary units), giving you the capability to dispense two products and be able track up to 5 hoses. How does it do that? Pulse meters can be brought into the head unit, making it a multi-hose fuel management unit / dispenser powerhouse! This has been used to track off-road, on-road, and DEF dispensing.

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