TECALEMIT’s Bulk Oil & Bulk Def Dispensing

bulk oil & bulk def

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Oil & Bulk Def Dispensing

The PRO-6000 for Oil & DEF

Just like for diesel, the PRO-6000 is a great functional and custom unit for both oil and DEF. All of the PRO-6000 units are 100% custom-built to suit your needs; whatever your flow is, we can handle it!

The PRO-6000 for oil is fast, accurate, and has the option to eliminate waste caused by flushing lines when you order your skid with multiple and dedicated dispensing units.

The PRO-6000 for DEF employs the highest ISO standards throughout the entire assembly. It has flexible options available for flow rates, and the multiple configurations, including low flow and high flow out of one skid.

Have questions? Ready to get your PRO-6000 unit? Email us today at sales@tecalemitusa.com or click the button in the bottom righthand corner to chat with us now!

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