TECALEMIT’s Automated Fleet Fuel Management

TECALEMIT's Automated Fleet Fuel Management

TECALEMIT’s Automated Fleet Fuel Management

DEF and Diesel Dispenser Setups

TECALEMIT’s automated dispensing systems are a valuable addition to your yard or filling stop! We offer two different types: the M1 dispenser and the HDM Eco dispenser.

Our M1 is a dual-point dispensing system, able to fuel independently from both sides, as well as having the capability to utilize a secondary unit. Equipped with a Superbox, this setup can monitor multiple trucks filling at the same time, as well as handle multiple fluids, such as diesel and DEF, at the same time. This a great option for a large lot with multiple lanes and lots of traffic.

For a smaller operation with less traffic, our HDM Eco is an excellent option. It provides the fuel management capabilities of the M1 with a single-hose Wonderbox, while also being able to utilize a secondary unit, allowing a single truck to use two hoses at once.

Both units come preassembled, cutting down on install time, with the Wonderbox/Superbox, a pulse meter, a pump (or dual pumps in the case of the M1), and hoses with nozzles, all setup and ready to go as soon as the unit arrives to you! Maximize your ROI and stop trying to keep up with paper receipts with these revolutionary units!

Do you have questions? Ready to get your hands on TECALEMIT’s automated fleet fuel management dispenser systems for your business? Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or click the button in the bottom righthand corner to chat with us now!

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