TECALEMIT Lube Oil 3:1 & 5:1 pumps- can you service them on site?

In this short video we are uncovering questions from the field… A customer reached out to us and asked if our TECALEMIT Lube Oil 3:1 & 5:1 pumps could be serviced on-site or if they have to be shipped back to us for service.    We answer this question and break down the inner workings of these pumps, to show you how each moving part performs. Check it out to discover the answer to this question and more! If you have further questions about the PK3HD or PK5HD lube oil pumps, or if you need to tap into our technical support, please give us a call at (281) 446-7300, or email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com As always, thank you for watching! It’s our goal to be a resource to you and your fleet. Be sure to follow along on our social media channels and hit the subscribe button here on our Youtube channel. 


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