TECALEMIT automated fuel management with liquid level input

Morning everyone; the following was such an interesting question that was recently asked by one of our customers.  Can I manually input liquid levels on your software platform(s)?

TECALEMIT automated fuel management with liquid level input is a function available inside the HD Manager PRO or MyTecalemit cloud software platform.

Let’s break it down like this:

  1. We first need to set up the tank parameters and input the existing tank level (Gallons or Liters)
  2. We then need to tie in a fuel terminal (in this case your new head unit) into the software.  We do this on the software, no hardware or wires needed.
  3. When a new fill comes in or a new fueling transaction is recorded, you can manually input this transaction; the software tank calculator will keep track of the total volume in the tank coming in or going out.

Want to see it in person; schedule a webinar with one of your account managers to dive a little deeper or email us at sales@tealemitusa.com


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