Nexflow Units: Advanced Fuel Solutions for Critical Aviation and Industrial Applications

Infographic detailing specifications of the entire NexFlow product line.


Tecalemit’s Nexflow series stands as a beacon of innovation in fuel management, offering high-flow bulk transfer units essential for aviation and other industrial sectors. This range includes the Nexflow 300, 500, Transloader, and Transloader Max, each designed for specific operational needs.

Nexflow 300: Efficient High Flow Bulk Fuel Handling for Aviation and Beyond

  • Features: 3″ GSD Cast Iron Pump, 10 Horsepower, 300 GPM flow.
  • Applications: Ideal for aviation, enabling efficient offloading of jet fuel from delivery vehicles to stationary tanks. Also perfect for fuel jobbers requiring compact yet powerful solutions.

Nexflow 500: High-Capacity for Demanding Operations

  • Features: 4″ GSD Cast Iron Pump, 20 Horsepower, 500 GPM flow.
  • Applications: Best suited for large-scale aviation fuel transfers and high-volume operations in barge terminals and truck-to-truck transfers.

Nexflow Transloader: Versatility in High Flow Bulk Fuel Transfer

  • Features: 4″ GSD Pump, 20 Horsepower, dual-capacity for offloading (300 GPM) and pumping (500 GPM).
  • Applications: Adaptable for aviation fuel management, supporting efficient transfer processes in various settings including barge terminals.

Nexflow Transloader Max: Customized High Flow Bulk Transfer Fuel Management

  • Features: Configurable 3”/4″ pumps, 10-20 Horsepower, 50-500 GPM flow, optional transloading arms.
  • Applications: Tailored for specific industrial requirements, this unit excels in aviation fuel offloading, offering customizable solutions for complex fuel transfer needs.

The Nexflow series by Tecalemit is a comprehensive solution for high-flow fuel transfer, particularly in aviation and other industrial sectors. Each unit is engineered to facilitate efficient, safe, and reliable fuel handling, ensuring operational excellence.


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