Fueling Success Through Partnership: Reeder Distributors and Tecalemit

In the world of commercial construction, where extreme weather conditions and demanding schedules are the norm, reliability and durability are paramount. Reeder Distributors, a prominent player in the diesel fuel business, found themselves navigating these challenges daily. That’s when their partnership with TECALEMIT, a fuel management equipment provider, proved to be a game-changer.

We had the privilege to sit down with Clay Gilmer, VP of Fuels at Reeder Distributors, to delve into the essence of this partnership and how TECALEMIT’s fuel management solutions have seamlessly integrated into their operations.

Weathering the Storms of Construction

Commercial construction is a dynamic field, with projects often taking place in diverse and unpredictable environments. From scorching heat to freezing cold, and everything in between, the demands on equipment are relentless. In this context, having a fuel management system that could endure such extreme weather conditions was not just a luxury for Reeder Distributors—it was a necessity.

“We’re in construction; we’re in areas that have extreme weather,” Clay Gilmer shares. “Having the full team of TECALEMIT behind us… it’s been a great fit.”

A Reliable Partner for Reliable Solutions

TECALEMIT‘s fuel management equipment offered a robust solution that aligned perfectly with Reeder Distributors’ requirements. Beyond the ability to withstand harsh weather, the system needed to provide accurate and timely information to customers, often broken down by units and departments. This is where Tecalemit’s MyTecalemit Cloud
entered the picture, allowing customization that enhanced the value Reeder Distributors could offer to their clientele.

“We need to have a fuel management system that is reliable, it’s got to be tough, it’s got to withstand the weather,” Clay explains. “TECALEMIT checks those boxes for us… it’s been a great partnership, and we appreciate it.”

The Heart of the Partnership

The partnership between Reeder Distributors and TECALEMIT extends beyond the equipment—it’s built on shared values and mutual respect. Clay highlights several factors that contribute to the success of this collaboration. TECALEMIT’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to not just providing products but also reliable servicing stood out. This holistic approach to partnership ensures that the equipment doesn’t just arrive at the doorstep but keeps working efficiently in the field.

“It’s an affordable option for us,” Clay remarks. “You guys have been a great partner for us… we couldn’t be any happier.”

A Path to Excellence

For Reeder Distributors, this partnership with TECALEMIT has not only improved their service offerings but also elevated their overall operational excellence. TECALEMIT’s responsiveness in addressing unique challenges has reinforced the sense of camaraderie, making them [Reeder Distributors] feel that they’re in this together.

As Clay aptly sums up, “You guys have made us better at what we do.”

The collaboration between Reeder Distributors and TECALEMIT exemplifies the beauty of partnerships that elevate both sides. It’s not just about fuel management equipment; it’s about fuelling success, one reliable solution at a time.




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