Commercial fleet automated fuel management systems- Cloud updates

TECALEMIT’s commercial fleet automated fuel management systems have been on an explosive evolution since the very first single head unit was deployed into the market close to 10 years ago, with the latest product push being the development of an easy retrofit kit for all your FuelCubes and TransCubes.  Western Global has been at the front end of introducing the concept of a fuel tank that carries a small foot print with the awesome option to be able to be stackable, thus amplifying the added value of maintaining the small foot print and portability.

Today, the Fuel Management Multi-PRO bracket has reached its final form, aligning itself with your FuelCubes and TransCubes core features of not getting in the way of being able to stack your tanks. How does it do that? The design allows the bracket to lower itself flushed and completely out of the way. The second feature is the most loved one by you; it fits all tank sizes.

While we are on the subject of an explosive evolution, MyTECALEMIT cloud is pushing out some new features. Here we go:
1. New capability to email fuel reports to parties outside the platform

2. You can now select automated intervals for these fuel reports, simply select the following menu options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Beginning date, and Time needed.

3. You can now run a driver based report only as well as vehicle report only. 

In typical fashion, we have an amazing support team ready to help you with your new or existing TECALEMIT commercial fleet automated fuel management systems.  Get in touch at


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