Bulk Transfer Truck belly boxes- Expanding your reach

Bulk Transfer Truck belly boxes

Bulk Transfer Truck belly boxes- Expanding your reach

In the world of high flow systems, truck belly boxes have been a great option for those hauling large cargo. These bulk transfer truck belly boxes surely have their place in your arsenal of tools to deliver product efficiently to your customers.

Here are a few things to remember when you are looking at a truck box.

  1. Space limitation is important, how much room do you have available to secure one of these boxes?  Although different sizes are available, the amount of equipment needed will also play a big role in the correct fitment and daily usability.
  2. Target gpm or gallons per minute is one important factor in sizing up the correct pump, you don’t want to be under or way over.
  3. Product compatibility, these have been operational and working with DEF, Lube Oil, Fuels to name a few.   So have that information available so that we can make sure that all wetted parts are fully compatible with the product you are transferring.

We are here to help you customize your next truck belly box.

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