lube oil tank packages

Lube Oil Tank Packages: A History of Innovation


Lube oil tank packages, that we know today, have seen a history of innovation that began in the mid-century. While the US sector of Tecalemit is fairly young, the beginnings of Tecalemit Germany and our involvement in the oil industry, dates back to the first oil hand pumps of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The early founders shaped the culture and heritage of our company, passing down the sense of pride that comes with manufacturing innovative products for oil. Our heritage includes the people working hard on the Tecalemit team today, as their fathers and grandfathers worked in the factories before them.

oil tank packages

Slim Line Oil Tank Packages: True Performance Value


The Slim Line Oil Tank Packages have a very rich background. It all started with a new thinking philosophy… the need for on demand inventory, expedited shipping, customization and true performance value in a turn-key system. The new, slimmer rectangular tanks are built in single wall and double wall configurations, with the most demanded sizes being 280 and 500 gallons.

Lube Oil Tank Packages

Welcome to the Revolution of Lube Oil Tank Packages


Introducing the new slim line of lube oil tank packages.

Lube oil tanks are changing. The revolution of lube oil tank packages has shifted from the traditional look and functionality, to the evolvement of a more modern, better built, and longer lasting package. We are going to embark on a journey, as we introduce the complete line of our oil tank packages and portable oil systems, all for a better purchasing experience that we like to call: Customer Asset Priority.

DEF Pump Pulse Meter Compatibility

Fuel Management Solutions: DEF Pump Pulse Meter Compatibility


A checklist on DEF Pump Pulse Meter Compatibility

Our sales team and customer support team work in tandem, to problem solve, troubleshoot and manage the occasional curveball. It’s all about building trust. Ask us any question and we’ll find you an answer. These days, we see a surge of questions regarding DEF pump pulse meter compatibility. This is at no surprise to us, since bulk DEF is here and growing. Naturally, bulk fuels and oils have a tendency to be tracked, because of the industry standard when dealing with bulk products. You need to know where your product is going. Consequently, DEF is following the same pattern.

fuel management solutions

Fuel Management Solutions: Car Dealership Inventory


Today we are discussing fuel management solutions for car dealerships. All of those vehicles that move in and out of the lot need fuel, and that inventory needs to be tracked on a daily basis. If your team doesn’t have an organized process of managing fuel consumption, it can be devastating to your business and manually tracking car dealership inventory is time expensive. New and used vehicles also need to be categorized, but what software is flexible enough to do so?

Fuel Management Solutions

Fuel Management Solutions: Integrating Liquid Levels and Inventory into One Dashboard


Are you currently working with a vendor to capture your liquid levels data and another vendor for inventory management? This is inefficient and can be a headache. As you know, our team thrives when we turn a problem into a solution. Tecalemit offers fuel management solutions by integrating both liquid levels and fuel management into one dashboard. Since each set up, tank and fluid is unique; walk through the following survey and then we can establish the most ideal solution for you.

cloud based fuel management system

Is a Cloud Based Fuel Management System Right for your Fleet?


In recent years, automated fuel management has seen an evolution. Fact: the majority of inventory management systems today are one sided, geared only towards the cloud. We recognize there is a niche group making the shift to a cloud based fuel management system, yet most companies in the industry are only offering this one option. Unlike our competitors, inventory management through the cloud, is not the only solution we offer.

fuel management solutions

Fuel Management Solutions: From Antiquated to Automated


Are you still tracking your fuel usage by manually inputting data? Our fuel management solutions are as versatile and unique as each business’s needs. Our team thrives when we turn a problem into a solution. There are often a lot of questions around what fuel management solution is right for you, and we are here to help. Going from antiquated to automated is easy and more cost effective than you think…

dual def dispenser

M1 Dual Sided DEF and Diesel Dispenser Units: Power Requirements and Set Up


While the HDM eco 80 and HDM eco DEF stand in their own spotlight, the M1 brings the very best of both systems into one package. The M1 Dual Sided DEF and Diesel Dispenser, was designed with the same concept in mind: the units can be set up very simply, right out-the-box, just like its single dispenser cousins. The same philosophy continues, with all hanging hardware being pre-connected and all electrical wiring being pre-wired and manifolded in order to make setup a breeze. When it comes to power requirements, they are simple, yet important to maintain for the long term health of your system.

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