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TECALEMIT’s Bulk Transfer Pump – How to Choose Your Meter

Bulk Transfer Pump

When we build your unique bulk transfer system, there are a few things that we need to know to make sure we get you the correct meter for your setup. Read on for more.

TECALEMIT’s Fuel Management System – 4 Reasons You Need MYTECALEMIT

Fuel Management System

With TECALEMIT, you get freedom from a desk and access to your data on any device, comprehensive reporting, secure and reliable data collection that can be shared across multiple sites, and the option for additional level probes.

TECALEMIT’s Waste Oil Dispenser – A New Way to Handle Recyclable Fluids

Waste Oil Dispenser

Featuring a double-air diaphragm pump, a 4-position valve system, and a fully reversible push/pull, this waste oil dispenser system is ideal for storing waste oil in a small shop or other space where a small footprint is necessary!

TECALEMIT’s Belly Box Trailer Systems – Our Platform

belly box trailer

Our rig pump systems are heavy duty, rugged, and made to work. We also love to take existing systems and help make them better. Want to see our guys at work? Watch our video!