Where is your focus? A tale of missed opportunities….


Where is your focus?

I wanted to touch on this topic because often we misplace our main focus and end up wondering where we went wrong in losing opportunities.  The term, “Keeping up with the Joneses” has echoed throughout for generations now, and I believe that this same subconscious trap translates into our business environment.

Why do I think that “Keeping up with the Joneses” from a business perspective is a bad idea?  I believe, to truly be innovators, you need to be vulnerable.  You need to be able to go outside your own comfort zone and take a leap a faith on something you truly believe in, something that has ‘passion’ written all over it, something that you know will fill a gap in the current market place, and most importantly not be afraid to be wrong.

But unfortunately, we often fall in the trap of wanting to know what the next door neighbor is doing or what the next business release will be so that you too, can also make a move.  This not only clouds your imagination and ability to innovate, but it also keeps you from listening. Lack of listening to your own customers’ needs is detrimental.  Listening to feedback is that very core principle that should keep you fresh and ahead of the pack for years ahead.  To illustrate, if you are constantly worried about your competition, you will have a tendency to be focused on such a small platform that you will completely miss out on being flexible enough to adapt.   Furthermore, focus typically tends to be a part of a company DNA or core fiber. When we set out to build something new, the only focus on our development team is to do it with passion and to do it uniquely to our very own principles, without fear of the outcome.  This is how great companies maintain their relevancy and their ability to turn any corner at any moment’s notice, all while doing so cohesively.

Lastly, don’t lose the fun factor since it is one of the main ingredients in being creative. “There is good evidence that if you allow your team to engage in something playful, there are better outcomes in terms of productivity and creativity”.  (Fox news had a great story on this sometime back).

In the illustration above, those that know the impact that the All In One™ has had in the mini bulk DEF arena, the request to shrink one of our systems got embraced with lots of enthusiasm.

No, it will not go to a trade show to serve beer (Micro Matic, are you listening!?)

No, it will not be displayed somewhere as a trophy or model.

It will be a true working unit out in the field.

So every detail that we put into our full scale versions went into our latest 1/18 scale creation, all driven by our customers.


Where is your focus?

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