TECALEMIT Micro Matic Closed Loop System Dispense Coupler

W85 DEF Pump Set-Up: Micro Matic Closed Loop System Components

The closed loop system was introduced to the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) industry to regulate the process of filling /dispensing, maintain the purity of the substance within an IBC tote/ drum container, and to reduce over spillage. This system is known for its reliability and effectiveness ensuring that the over-all quality of the product is preserved. Understanding the components that make-up the closed loop system, the over-all function, and significant role each accessory plays is critical for all consumers handling DEF in IBC totes/drums. Tecalemit provides Micro Matic accessories to ensure customers receive quality accessories for their DEF tote applications. Below are some of the key accessories needed to complete a closed loop system and how you can benefit from applying these components to your tote/drum application.

Micro Matic Down Tube

Once installed, you don’t see this component again, but it’s the key to filling and/ or dispensing DEF from a tote. The HDPE plastic down tube works in conjunction with the RSV valve to facilitate the DEF extraction process from the tote. TECALEMIT offers an angled Micro Matic RSV-RPV down tube for a 330gallon DEF tote application for optimum product extraction.

Micro Matic 6″ Blue Center Cap 

At the top center of the IBC (tote), you find an opening that requires a component to seal the tote and provide a fill or dispense port. The 6″ Micro Matic blue center cap plays an important role in closing, sealing, and securing the tote. The blue center cap’s buttress thread is designed to be joined by the RSV valve for a complete seal of the container. Pairing these two components is crucial for filling or dispensing DEF. Here at TECALEMIT, we offer the 6″ Micro Matic blue center cap buttress and the 2-hole buttress cap with RSV valve & vent cap. Be sure not to miss this accessory when assembling your closed loop system kit.

Micro Matic RSV Container Valve

Another essential component to the closed loop system is the RSV container valve. This small component prevents unauthorized access to the product inside the container and once disconnected, the valve self-closes to prevent any leaks. It also helps keep your DEF product sealed and secured at all times. Here at TECALEMIT, we offer a polyethylene and a stainless-steel RSV container valve option. Remember that the RSV valve is to be used with an RSV fill head and an RSV dispense coupler.

Micro Matic RSV Dispense Couplers

One of the main components of the closed loop system is the coupler. The coupler is designed to minimize spills, prevent debris from contaminating the product during dispensing, and to dry disconnect. At TECALEMIT, we offer Micro Matic options in polyethelyne and stainless steel. These dispense couplers are built to meet the rugged environmental demands operators face on a day-to-day basis and for longevity. Both RSV dispense couplers are designed to dispense at a rate of 24 GPM.

Micro Matic Fill Head Coupler

To continue the closed loop system, the fill head coupler aids drivers during the on-site tote refill process. This fill head coupler offers a complete closed, sealed, and secured connection that enables drivers to extract DEF without any contaminants affecting the DEF. TECALEMIT offer a stainless-steel RSV fill head coupler that delivers a fill flow rate of up to 35 GPM for optimum performance.

Filter/ Filter Housing

Used as an extra safe guard, a filter and filter housing option is available to be utilized in addition to the pumping system. Applying a filter can give customers the peace of mind knowing the integrity of the DEF product won’t be jeopardized. TECALEMIT offers a stainless steel and a polyethylene option for the filter housing. The filter size for the poly housing option is limited to 10″, while the stainless-steel housing can hold up to a 40″ filter.

The Micro Matic accessories TECALEMIT offers customers to complete a closed loop system are durable and built to last. We want you to remember that, to build a system to withstand today’s demands, you need to have high performance accessories that will enable you to achieve your goals. If you have any further questions regarding our Micro Matic accessory selection, please contact us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or at (281) 446- 7300.

Micro Matic Closed Loop System Components

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