The value-driven approach to get you into bulk DEF

DEF-Pro 6000 Bulk Transfer System

When most think about getting into bulk DEF, they assume it’ll involve spending large sums of money on fancy, expensive equipment. Truth be told, you don’t need the most costly equipment to get introduced to bulk DEF – you need quality, value-driven equipment that can get the job done without breaking the bank.

TECALEMIT offers a line of bulk transfer systems known as the DEF-Pro 6000 series. These systems serve as a straightforward and simple approach to getting your feet wet in bulk DEF. The DEF-Pro 6000 systems are designed for bulk to tote, rail to tote, rail to bulk, or bulk dispensing. They can be customized to meet your individual needs. These systems can be configured from simple packages to more complex weights & measures approved packages, with different power sources available. The DEF-Pro 6000 packages are robust solutions and geared toward hi-flow applications. What’s noteworthy is that with these systems, you can easily get introduced to bulk DEF without emptying your wallet.

The DEF-Pro 6000 bulk transfer systems featured in the video above is an example of this value-driven approach. The systems in the video feature a 1HP stainless steel 110V pump that pushes through a 1.5” DEF hose, ending in a camlock and a Micro Matic fill coupler. It’s also retrofitted with a 2” suction hose to ensure maximum flooding and an ON/OFF switch. Each of these components sit atop a plastic poly skid. Additionally, we can take all components seen on these skids and retrofit them on a dolly providing the customer mobility and flexibility. This version of the mobile transfer system is known as our DEF-Pro 5000 series.

What we encourage you to take away from this blog and video is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get into bulk DEF. With a simple DEF-Pro 6000 series from TECALEMIT, you’ll receive quality equipment and components, as well as a system that is value-driven. It’s a pain-free and economical way to dive into bulk DEF.

For more information on our DEF-Pro 6000 or 5000 series, or to speak with us about your options to get into bulk DEF, reach out to us. Send us an email at sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at (281) 446-7300.

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