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Top 6 Troubleshooting FAQs: Hornet W85 DEF Pump

Q: Why is my pump starting, but then shuts down?

A: There is a problem in the suction section of the pump. Because there is no fluid entering the pump, the pump shuts itself off to prevent damage. Check to ensure that the suction and dispense lines are connected properly and not inversed.


Q: After checking the lines, the pump still does not start. What should I check next?

A: Check the Micromatic downtube to make sure there are no visual cracks.


Q: My pump continues to start and then shuts down, over and over again. What could be the problem?

A: Check the Micromatic dispense coupler to ensure that it fully engaged.


Q: Why won’t my pump restart after running on and off?

A: This is typically an issue where the pump has been dry run. Unplug the pump, turn the switch on and off twice to reset the pump. Plug the pump back and start it up again.


Q: Why is the pump fairly loud when it’s running?

A: While most DEF pumps run in the 1700 RPMs range, the Hornet W85 runs at 10,000 RPMs in order to push fluid through up to 100 feet of hose. This is normal for an unparalleled amount of power and force behind this pump.


Q: How do I introduce a timer?

A: There is no need to introduce a timer, Tecalemit’s Hornet W85 DEF Pump is fully continuous duty cycle. Continuous means more support for your demanding schedule and more DEF dispensed to your drivers.

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