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The Team Behind the T: Meet Customer Support Rockstar, Khali

If you’re in the field and uncover a perplexing problem or have equipment that needs professional aid, chances are Khali has been there for you. Khali proudly holds the role of RMA Support Manager, but around here, her unofficial title is support rockstar.

She makes it look easy, but nothing worthwhile is simple. Khali is pushing the Tecalemit dream forward everyday by assisting in the development of our products and further innovating the industry. She has a master’s degree in fast thinking and problem solving – before joining the Tecalemit team Khali was a dispatcher for 911. Undoubtedly, she has some stories to tell. The wildest, most outrageous situation she’s seen at Tecaelemit was electricity traveling through the ground and air, like an electric storm, damaging a unit. She used her tools of the trade to correct the the issue until she found the cause was a nearby power plant. It’s a messy job, filled with cans of worms and curveballs, but Khali sincerely enjoys the challenge. She’s not just a part of the Tecalemit family, she’s part of yours as well.

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