Initializing your TECALEMIT USB Wonderbox Fuel Management system platform


Today is Tuesday May 12, 2020, welcome back to the blog. We have noticed the following question coming up quite often.

The TECALEMIT USB Wonderbox Fuel Management System is not accepting my drivers and vehicles, what do I need to do?

The following is a quick step by step tutorial on how to get these initial “datain” file in the correct folder(s).

  1. This applies to new TECALEMIT Wonderbox Fuel Management Systems that have the latest firmware.
  2. Have your USB stick that came with the system available and plugged into your PC.
  3. Open up your USB drive to take a look inside If you have walked out to the system and plugged in the USB stick already, \you will more than likely see two folders named (1820166 & 1926538) , open them up to look for a file name “TEST”. Once you find the folder with the file named ‘TEST” inside of it, delete that folder.
  4. Drag your “datain” file into the remaining folder.
  5. Go to your new TECALEMIT USB Wonderbox Fuel Management System and watch the hardware upload your new driver and vehicle settings.

Our hope is that this has been helpful, and allows you to enjoy and use your new fuel management unit. There will be a full video walk around on this topic as well.

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