TECALEMIT and Kingspan Announce Partnership for DEF storage solutions


Two Powerhouses, TECALEMIT and Kingspan, partner to provide island friendly DEF storage solutions to North America

Kingspan, a global leader in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing products, and TECALEMIT, a powerhouse in DEF equipment manufacturing and supply, have announced they are entering a partnership to introduce market-leading DEF storage solutions into the North American market. The partnership will launch with the introduction of Kingspan’s revolutionary BlueMaster® DEF storage tanks (1,056 gallons).

For more than 40 years, Kingspan has driven innovation and manufacturing excellence across international markets, starting with the creation of the world’s first moulded “bunded” plastic tanks. Kingspan offers a diverse range of plastic and steel storage solutions for not only DEF, but diesel, oil and fertilizer. With nearly 10,000 Kingspan BlueMaster® DEF storage tanks distributed across regions from Christchurch, New Zealand to Santiago, Chile, Kingspan continues to be at the forefront of the industry advancement.

TECALEMIT, a global leader in oil workshop/service centers and pump technology manufacturing, has continued to evolve its product line from its origination in the early 1900s, bringing innovation and customer-driven solutions every step of the way. The company has quickly become the go-to manufacturer of equipment solutions and services for the DEF, Fuel, Chemical, and Lube/Oil sectors. TECALEMIT’s vast range of product solutions include fuel inventory management systems, high-flow bulk transfer systems, DEF PRO All In One mini bulk smart packages, heavy duty pumps, flow meters, and an array of custom built, innovative packages. TECALEMIT’s ever expanding product goals are geared towards always improving and developing the line-up of end user equipment, as well as custom storage and transfer systems.