Superbox 5-Hose Fleet Inventory Management System

Superbox 5-Hose – Fleet Inventory Management System

Capture every transaction with the Superbox 5-hose fleet inventory management system

TECALEMIT offers variety when it comes to our line of fleet inventory management systems. Features unmatched in the industry come stacked with these systems. TECALEMIT’s 5-hose Superbox is one of several automated inventory management systems offered. This stand-alone system is designed to securely monitor and track the transfer of various fluid applications.

The 5-hose Superbox is known as the master of fluid management systems. This fleet inventory management system is capable of handling 5 hoses and dispensing 4 different products simultaneously, all from one centralized point. Furthermore, the 5-hose Superbox is compact, user-friendly, and designed for quick and easy installation. With a simple hardware and software setup, you’ll be on your way to capturing every transaction in no time!

With the 5-hose Superbox fleet inventory management system, you can track and identify entries by driver ID, vehicle ID, odometer, and time frame intervals. User-selectable PINs allow only authorized users to access fuel. Especially relevant, this ensures complete accountability of fueling. In addition, the 5-hose Superbox can track up to 4,000 users and vehicles, as well as 10,000 transactions. This system can handle a variety of fluids, so long as you pair it with a proper pulse meter.

Eliminate manual tracking and prevent inventory losses with TECALEMIT’s 5-hose Superbox fleet inventory management system. Simply transfer data via USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, and coming soon…the HDM SkyDrive™!

Item Codes – Standard 5-Hose

US110500800 Base Unit

US110500801 LAN Unit

US110500802 Wi-Fi Unit

Furthermore, in addition to all of its incredible features, TECALEMIT offers a Self-Installation Certification course on the 5-hose Superbox, as well as other hardware systems of ours. Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com to learn more information or find out when our next course is offered.

The 5-hose Superbox is a one of kind fleet inventory management system designed with the end user in mind. In conclusion, it’s time to increase accountability and security, and decrease inventory losses. For pricing and more information on this system, contact us. Send an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at 281-446-7300.


Superbox 5-Hose Fleet Inventory Management System

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