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Slim Line Oil Tank Packages: True Performance Value

The Slim Line Oil Tank Packages have a very rich background. It all started with a new thinking philosophy… the need for on demand inventory, expedited shipping, customization and true performance value in a turn-key system. The new, slimmer rectangular tanks are built in single wall and double wall configurations, with the most demanded sizes being 280 and 500 gallons.

Perhaps the most exciting change to the slim line oil tanks is the use of computerized welding. The single wall 280 gallon tanks are robotic welded for increased consistencies, allowing for an even a greater performance value package. By shifting to computerized welding, we have eliminated human error and the chance of any leaks that may come from a deficient welding job. As another added benefit; welding is taken very seriously, with the internal practices of always overlapping corners for a beefier and more stable set up. You also have the option to customize, as tanks can be made in different colors to match your brand. Your brand is your promise, and we place just as much importance on that.

This entire industry continues to grow and expand, currently forecasting a larger demand for true performance value. With solid partners and a reputation that takes us back 75 years, there is no better time to be in the oil business. Give us a call or email sales@tecalemitusa.com for more information about these revolutionized oil tank packages.

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