TECALEMIT’s lube oil platform is extensive in many market segments. We’re excited to build on our history, flexibility, and experience to bring these oil and lube shop equipment tank packages to the North American market. TECALEMIT’s rich experience is backed by years of servicing workshops in the European sectors, such as BMW and VolksWagen, which paved the way to develop unique offerings for the North American market. TECALEMIT’s flexibility is based on “smart packages,” which are fully driven by you and your customers. Capture and fulfill more requests with our broad range of tanks and accessories. TECALEMIT’s experience also stems from the PRO-6000 lube oil bulk transfer packages, tote and drum mobile applications, as well as our hand-style oil piston pumps. Together, these packages help bring forth the new oil and lube shop equipment tank packages.


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Lube Oil

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