LEVELCONTROLLER 4 – Liquid Level Monitoring System

Integrable modules | Overfill protection | Explosion proof level probes |

Description: US225700000 LevelController 4

The LevelController 4 liquid level monitoring system works with a diverse range of level probes. Therefore, it offers a customized solution for nearly all situations in the area of liquid level monitoring and measuring. In addition, it’s capable of monitoring up to 4 tanks and 4 products, and can expand its modules to fit any size tank farm. The LevelController 4 liquid level monitoring system comes packed with flexibility in mind.

Technical specifications:
Overfill protection
Explosion proof availability on level probes
Configuration software included
Expandable to 16 modules
Max tank height 16 ft. (4.8 M)
Temperature range: -4F – +122F
Accuracy: up to 0.5% of max filling level
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 8” x 7” x 3”
Weight: 1 lbs (.45 kg)

Compatible fluids:
Heating Oil

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LevelController 4 – Liquid Level Monitoring System

Liquid Level Monitoring System - LevelController 4