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Description:US013895201 TankQuick eco

Misfueling problem? No worries. Presenting the TankQuick eco fuel extractor2 unit. With its robust build quality and technology behind it, it is your mis-fueling solution.

The TankQuick eco is used for extracting different fuels such as diesel, regular and premium gasoline. Primary applications include extraction from vehicles at service centers and auto dealerships. In addition, it’s also used to handle vehicle fuel draining at gas stations due to mis-fueling.

Furthermore, the TankQuick eco package is fitted with a pneumatic extractor and refilling unit. It also has a practical single hose approach and gas displacement device. Especially relevant, this technology is used by BMW AG, Volkswagen AG, and Mercedes Benz. In conclusion, offer more to your customers with the TankQuick eco fuel extractor!

Technical specifications:
Overfill indicator.
4 wheel undercarriage chassis w/ lock pedal.
Capacity: 29 gal.
Suction hose: 15×9 mm.
Flow rate: 2 gal/min.
Dimensions: 27” x 19” x 43”
Weight: 78 lbs (35.1 kg)

Compatible Products:
Diesel, Fuels
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TankQuick eco

Fuel Extractor- TankQuick eco