Proven experience | Flexible tank sizes | Components for your project

Description: Tank projects:

Reliability and experience that comes from a leader that has 10 years of experience designing,, consulting, and guiding the bulk DEF movement across North America.

TECALEMIT offers vast and robust DEF tank options, whether being on the Island or off the Island.   These options include heated and insulated above ground DEF tanks for truck stops along with reliable components to bring your DEF tank project to life.

Available components include:
½ , ¾, 1 HP Submersible DEF Pumps
Pressure switches to activate your submersible DEF pump
Drylock male / female fittings
2” male / female camlock connections
DEF hose – 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”
Electronic DEF Liquid level display
2” fill line is available on 800 gallon tanks and larger

Island friendly ‘Tank Only’ options:
500 gallon ‘tank only’ (46”dia x 77”tall)
800 gallon ‘tank only’ (46”dia x 118”tall)
1150 gallon ‘tank only’ (46″dia x 158”tall)
** Insulation is not taken into account**

Off the Island ‘Tank Only’ options include:
3000 gallon ‘tank only’ (95”dia x 109”tall)
5000 gallon ‘tank only’ (102”dia x 152”tall)
6500 gallon ‘tank only’ (120”dia x 147”tall)
10,000 gallon ‘tank only’ (141”dia x 160”tall)
12,000 gallon ‘tank only’ (141”dia x 193”tall)

** Insulation is not taken into account**

** Sizes may vary depending on location, call to speak with one of our sales professionals) ** 

Insulation and heating:
Insulation is available on all sizes mentioned above
Heating pads available on all tank sizes mentioned above
Electric control box for heaters and sub pump