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Mytecalemit Cloud: Fuel Inventory Management Hardware & Why We Believe in Traditions

Let’s talk about traditionalism. We are purists at heart, because when it comes to cloud computing hardware, we believe in not departing from the industry standard. Our hardware maintains all of the features your drivers have come to know and depend on, such as a keypad / LCD screen, key fobs and NEMA 4 weather proofing head units.  We choose to do it in this fashion because conditions are never  “clear and sunny”.

Get to know the hardware:

  • Wonderbox – Single hose units
  • Superbox- 2 and 5 hose systems
  • HDM Eco 80-  Complete commercial diesel dispensers with pump and inventory management.
  • HDM Eco DEF- Complete commercial DEF dispensers with pump and inventory management.
  • M1- A super package consisting of dual pumps (DEF + Diesel or Diesel + Diesel) that comes to you fully assembled with inventory management.

Download the spec’s here

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