M1 Diesel Transfer Skid System

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Special Project: M1 Diesel Transfer Skid System

Here at TECALEMIT, we create quality products that are driven by our customers’ needs. This is why when it comes to special projects, we always put our best foot forward to provide customers with painless and cost-effective solutions. These solutions exceed their expectations and result in better work efficiency.

A recent project we completed involved a customer that was struggling to maintain productivity, and who sought new resources to replace outdated equipment.

The Problem:

The customer found it challenging to track and monitor product leaving his fueling island. Their current method of tracking transactions was handwriting notes detailing which driver dispensed “X” amount of gallons to “X” vehicle, on “X” date, at “X” time. As you can imagine, this system led to inaccuracies and human errors, which in turn resulted in increased costs. In addition, the customer’s current dispensing system suffered from years of use and outdated equipment.

The Goal:

The customer sought a system that would easily fit within their fueling station setup. They wanted a package that offered an inventory management system for tracking and monitoring liquid transfers, and a dual-hose dispenser that could dispense diesel fuel from both sides with one side being high-flow (75 gpm).

The Solution:

After investigating the logistics of the customer’s current site setup, TECALEMIT began brainstorming a cost-effective and value-driven solution that would not only meet, but exceed the customer’s needs. These efforts resulted in the creation of the M1 Diesel Transfer Skid System. The M1 Diesel Transfer Skid System is built on a heavy duty powder coated steel skid with TECALEMIT’s industry-known M1 Dual Hose Dispenser standing atop. The M1 Dispenser has a 2-hose setup allowing the customer to dispense diesel fuel from both sides, as requested. TECALEMIT enhanced one side of the dispenser to perform high flow dispensing at 75 gpm, with the opposite side dispensing at 22 gpm. The M1 Dispenser has a built-in automated inventory management system, the Superbox, allowing the customer to track transactions, vehicles, drivers, and more. The M1 Diesel Transfer Skid System provided the customer with a streamlined solution tailored to their specific needs.

The Value:

Installing the M1 Diesel Transfer Skid System on the customer’s site provided value in several ways. Not only was the customer saving on man hours used to track transactions, but also saw a significant decrease in errors made. This resulted in an increase in work efficiency, security, and accuracy, which in turn provides the customer with an ROI that’s indisputable.

To view other special projects of ours, visit our Projects Page. Contact our office to discuss how we may be able to create a special project designed to provide solutions to your own challenges. Send an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at (281) 446-7300.




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