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Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction and Aftermath in the Houston Area

We are #HoustonStrong, and TECALEMIT surfaces once again.

While Harvey continues to move away from Texas, the destruction it brought remains. What you have seen on multiple outlets of mainstream media only begin to tell the deeper story.

Many are still trapped in their homes, waiting to be rescued, living at shelters, and wondering what the next step looks like for them. One of our team members faced the decision to abandon her home.

We watched as the water continued to rise on our street & decided to get out before it got too late. I packed a small bag of clothes & my ID, grabbed my dog, & headed for the rescue boat to evacuate us to dry land. A feeling of loss came over me, even though I hadn’t really lost anything at that point. I left behind the only house I knew, the house I grew up in & prayed it would withstand the storm.

Hurricane Harvey arrived to our coastline as a category 4, forcing more than 30,000 people to shelters and 450,000 citizens requiring assistance from the damage the storm caused. The destruction has been one of the most shocking and catastrophic events in U.S. history, but Houston will prevail. Another team member of ours describes the challenges she faced losing electricity at her home.

Not having electricity was definitely a problem for my family and I. We bought canned goods before the storm and it was hard for us to cook our food because we had an electric stove. We were also worried about keeping up with the news because we didn’t know what was in store for us next.

During this time of need, several members of the TECALEMIT team volunteered at various rescue operations and even offered shelter from their own home and donated to those who needed it the most.  Another team member of ours made the dangerous sacrifice to make it into the office during the storm in order to open up the warehouse to support the local fuel distributors who were requesting access to equipment.

During times like these, our customers in the Houston area need our products and I wanted to make sure I did my best to give them what they needed. It was impossible going to work the first two days with my house already 4ft deep and the freeways were flooded. However, on the third day, I was able to come out to work to meet with a customer that needed fuel pumps and hoses for their generators.

The Houston community was honored to have so many volunteers from different communities, cities, and even states come together as one to lend a helping hand and save livesThis is what one of our team members had to say about this,

Hurricane Harvey Rescue Teams

I left the house early Wednesday morning to survey my neighborhood areas. I came across memorial city mall on the west side of town where it had been transformed to be a staging area. I have never seen so many search and rescue teams, specialized trailers, boats, dumpster trucks carrying people, and just overall people helping people. It was like a scene out of a movie right in my own back yard which moved me to get involved.

While some of our own team members were displaced from their homes and faced challenges with flooding, we are fortunate to announce that we can all mark ourselves as safe. We also want to give a big thank you for the enormous outreach of emails, and text messages wishing us well and asking how and where help was needed.  Just this notion of reaching out meant a great deal to all of us, and more importantly it connected us.

We saw other affected areas of the city through the lens of local friend photographers; people that were capturing the true moments where difficult decisions were being made.  The photographs in this story came from Ben Sassani and Marian Aldecoa who gave us eyes through social media and moved all of us to help our fellow Houstonians.

We want to thank you for being patient and understanding with us as our offices were shut down this week due to the devastating impact of the storm. However, we are now fully operational and fully stocked, ready to serve. Hurricane Harvey’s impact will be felt for months and even years to come, but Houston is a strong city built on community and together we will rebuild. Our city will prevail and we will come out of this stronger. We are #HoustonStrong.

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