The Hornet – an evolution of TECALEMIT’s most reliable, robust and efficient diesel pump

Let’s go back in time…

From the first generation Hornet W30 in 1972 to the newest Hornet W85, TECALEMIT bundles 45 years of constant innovation and development to engineer designs built with you in mind. As industry leaders, TECALEMIT continues to keep up with technology trends, breaking the industry standard to be the pioneer of new product designs.

Our first Hornet W30 in 1972 was simple, robust and reliable, and rapidly became the most popular diesel pump in Germany. Over the next year, TECALEMIT set their minds to making the Hornet W30 smaller and more efficient. What resulted in their efforts was the release of the Hornet W15 in 1973. This evolution of the pump was due in large part to growing customer demand.

Over the next 25 years, TECALEMIT watched as the industry continued to evolve and new technologies came about. In 1998, the Hornet W40 was announced. Similar to the W15, the W40 was built upon the foundation of the classic W30 with innovative technology ahead of its time. Over the next decade, TECALEMIT formulated the second generation of the W40 engineered and designed with advanced technology and features, truly breaking the industry standard.

Our newest and most reliable innovation today – The Hornet W85. The W85 is the first of its kind in the industry. It features a patented hybrid system, incorporating both vane and centrifugal technologies to give a maximum flow rate of 22 gpm at the nozzle. The Hornet W85 is the world’s first self-priming hybrid pump and offers a 100% continuous duty cycle. The continuous duty cycle allows you to pump for longer periods of time, crushing the industry standard of a 30 or 45 minute cycle.

The evolution of the Hornet diesel pump over the last 45 years is a testament to TECALEMIT’s drive to be industry leaders. We use our years of industry experience, state of the art technology, and intelligent engineering design to bring forth the best and most innovative equipment seen in the market.

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