Hand Piston Oil Pump – OK 9 BS

Hand Piston Oil Pump Design Delivers Same Robust Performance 60+ Years Later

Each of TECALEMIT’s pumps are uniquely designed with the end user in mind. In an industry where details are critical, our engineers envision pump designs that allow users to be more efficient and collect a larger ROI, as a result.

Hand Piston Oil Pump - OK 9 BS

TECALEMIT’s piston style hand pumps have decades of field experience and proven reliability. TECALEMIT’s OK 9 hand piston oil pump is a single action hand pump and is compatible with oils and heating oils. Additionally, it’s often used with engine oils and hydraulic oil up to SAE 80. This hand-operated pump has retained the same design since its creation in the early 50s, and is considered a staple product in our portfolio. The OK 9 has a non-drip outlet, clasp for padlock, and an adjustable drum screw connector.

This robust pump is constructed of aluminum and was designed to last a lifetime. The OK 9 hand piston oil pump offers a flow rate of 0.6 gal/stroke.

For more information on the OK 9 single-action hand piston oil pump4, contact us. Send an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at 281-446-7300.



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