G80c 12V continuous duty diesel pump

G80c 12V Continuous Duty Diesel Pump

Expect more from your 12V pump

We’ve declared April as “Diesel Month” and we have some exciting things to share! Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight several core diesel products of ours and take a closer look at how they provide value to you as our customer. However, to really kick off “Diesel Week” the right way, we decided to start it off by featuring a brand new product of ours, the 12V continuous duty diesel transfer pump – the G80c.

With the G80c you can expect a better, more efficient solution to pump diesel fuel for longer periods of time, simply using a 12V battery. Ideal for tank applications for the agricultural, mining, and off-road sectors to name a few, the G80c provides consistency and exceptional value. TECALEMIT brings this pump to market because we feel it’s time you expect more from a 12V pump.

We’re continually gathering customer feedback, taking your concerns into consideration to continually raise the bar, and following through with our promise to you to put forth the best products possible. TECALEMIT’s priority is always the customer, and more specifically, providing customers with solutions to make them more efficient. The G80c 12V continuous duty diesel pump is no exception.

Follow along with us this month as we dive into the G80c. Next week, we’ll have a video available to you that will walk you through the pump, its technical specifications, as well as teaching you how to mount it. In the coming weeks as part of “Diesel Month” we’ll also be highlighting our Hornet W85D 110V diesel transfer pump, as well as our HDM eco 80 diesel fuel dispenser.

For more information on the G80c 12V continuous duty diesel pump, visit our website www.tecalemitusa.com, or contact us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or (281) 446-7300.


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