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Fuel Management Systems – Automation Made Simple

Leave the headaches to the fuel management systems

In today’s world of technology, measures have been put in place with an underlying strategy to provide convenience and ease of use. Automation increases productivity and takes on the responsibility of demanding processes. Even within our industry, we continue to see the growth in transition to this type of platform. A prime example would be fuel management systems, which are more of a necessity now than ever before.

TECALEMIT offers variety when it comes to our fuel management systems. From stand-alone units, to complete dispensing packages, to dual-hose applications, our portfolio has it all.

Each of these systems allow users to leave the sticky notes behind, eliminate manual tracking, and prevent inventory losses. TECALEMIT’s fuel management systems are designed to securely monitor the transfer of various liquid applications. Let’s take a closer look at each of these systems features and how they’re set up on location.

Single-hose Wonderbox

The Wonderbox is ideal for single-hose fueling points. It’s easy to set up and operate and comes with a 2-year warranty. Capable of handling up to 4,000 users and vehicles,the Wonderbox gives you ultimate control. Furthermore, it has an internal memory backup for up to 10,000 transactions. It can handle any fluid with a proper pulse meter and offers tank level and level probe capabilities. Monitor who is accessing your inventory by driver ID, vehicle ID, or key fob. Easily transport data via LAN, WiFi, USB, and coming soon the HDM SkyDrive. Take control of your fleet fuel management with the Wonderbox automated inventory management system.

2 & 5-hose Superbox

The big brother to the Wonderbox is none other than the Superbox. TECALEMIT’s Superbox is known as the master of fluid management systems. This system has both a 2-hose and 5-hose configuration option available. It’s capable of handling up to 5 hoses and dispensing 4 different products simultaneously, all from a single centralized point. The Superbox is compact and user-friendly, with a simple hardware and software setup. Similar to the Wonderbox, it’s capable of handling up to 4,000 users and vehicles, as well as 10,000 transactions in its internal memory backup. Track and identify entries by driver ID, vehicle ID, odometer, and time frame intervals. Additionally, the Superbox can handle any fluid with a proper pulse meter and offers tank level and level probe capabilities. . Easily transport data via LAN, WiFi, USB, and coming soon the HDM SkyDrive.

HDM eco DEF & 80 Diesel Dispensers

What’s attractive about TECALEMIT’s line of HDM eco dispensers is that they are fully assembled and plug & play ready. These systems work right out of the box. Not only does this minimize installation costs and assembly time, but it lowers your overall start-up costs. We’ve done the work so that you don’t have to. The HDM eco dispensers come in both DEF and diesel package options. These dispensers house everything you need to successfully and efficiently dispense DEF or diesel fuel. Each dispenser comes included with a Wonderbox fuel management system, pump, and oval gear meter with pulse out, 13 ft. dispense hose, and automatic nozzle.

M1 Dual Hose Dispenser

What sets the M1 Dispenser apart from the others is its 2-hose option. With the M1, you’re capable of dispensing DEF from both sides, diesel fuel from both sides, or DEF and diesel from either side. The M1 includes TECALEMIT’s line of Hornet pumps, which allow flow rates of 22 gpm (diesel) and 10 gpm (DEF) at the nozzle. Furthermore, each M1 Dispenser has a built-in Superbox automated inventory management system. Also included are dual automatic nozzles and dispense hoses, giving you ultimate flexibility.

If you find yourself struggling to track your inventory or monitor which driver is taking “X” amount of gallons, consider purchasing a fuel management system from TECALEMIT. A small investment up front could end up saving you thousands down the road.

For more information on TECALEMIT’s fuel management systems, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. You can contact us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or by giving us a call at (281) 446-7300.


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