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Fuel Management Solutions: From Antiquated to Automated

Are you still tracking your fuel usage by manually inputting data? Our fuel management solutions are as versatile and unique as each business’s needs. Our team thrives when we turn a problem into a solution. There are often a lot of questions around what fuel management solution is right for you, and we are here to help. Going from antiquated to automated is easy and more cost effective than you think…


Problem: You are still getting inundated with hand written notes at the end of the day to track your fleet’s fuel consumption.

Solution: Let us take the burden off your shoulder by introducing a fully automated system that will ask for Driver ID, Vehicle ID, and mileage to help you track your fleet.

Stories from the Field: You’re on a construction jobsite. Your equipment is running low and driving back and forth to the nearest fueling station is impractical. A fuel tank is conveniently located nearby in a remote area, but with no attendant monitoring the usage, how can you accurately track the amount of fuel you dispense? What’s more, how can one differentiate between multiple users and vehicles? In this case, TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox or Superbox offers an automated fuel inventory management system as a simple solution. These systems are rugged, yet compact in size, conveniently attach to a tank, and electronically manage the amount of product being dispensed. Every driver is required to identify him or herself by punching in the specific number assigned to him or her. The vehicle number and odometer reading are also required before each transaction takes place, ensuring that as much detailed information is captured as possible. As the fuel is being pumped out of the tank and into the equipment, TECALEMIT’s automated fuel inventory management system is recording the information and storing it for later use. Even after you leave the site and the box powers down, the intelligent system is able to store the data without erasing the information previously recorded.


Problem: You are still having to manually input data into an excel spreadsheet every day.

Solution: Let us automate and create these spreadsheets for you, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Stories from the Field: As your fleet fills up, the number of transactions increases. At the end of the day you have a pile of data that must now be manually entered into a spread sheet. With TECALEMIT’S inventory management software, HD Manger 8, turning transactions into a report is seamless. Every transaction is literally at your fingertips. Simplify your ability to control product while also minimizing inaccuracies and inefficiencies. HD Manager 8 creates reports as little or as often as needed for up to 2,000 users.


Ultimately, these systems save you time and money. The idea of hand written notes and manual data entry is simply antiquated. We’re not just empowering you with hardware and software to make your job easier, we’re giving you the people and innovation behind the products. Give us a call to learn more about fuel management solutions for your fleet!

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