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Fuel Management Solutions: Car Dealership Inventory

Today we are discussing fuel management solutions for car dealerships. All of those vehicles that move in and out of the lot need fuel, and that inventory needs to be tracked on a daily basis. If your team doesn’t have an organized process of managing fuel consumption, it can be devastating to your business and manually tracking car dealership inventory is time expensive. New and used vehicles also need to be categorized, but what software is flexible enough to do so?


Problem: You can’t keep up with your ever rotating inventory of vehicles, because you are manually entering fuel consumption, daily. Furthermore, your dealership is failing to track which vehicles are new and which vehicles are used, because you don’t have an organized way to categorize your inventory.

Solution: Streamline your dealership’s inventory data with Tecalemit’s fuel management hardware and software. The always changing inventory within a typical dealership is normally handled in our software with an order number. Your hardware system will ask for a vehicle number, or order number. The last 6 digits of the VIN number serve as the order number, because unlike other fuel management cases, there is no driver. When that car is sold, that VIN number will not show up on your reports in the future, thus no need to manually delete the vehicle from the system. In addition to streamlining your vehicles coming in and out, our software has the capability of creating groups, such as “new” and “used”.


Car dealerships love the flexibility and the different means of communication between Tecalemit’s hardware and software packages. We can completely customize a set up for your dealership’s needs. If you have a very specific project in mind, give us a call and we’ll sketch up ideas, there’s really nothing we can’t do. Let us help streamline the need to remove and input vehicle inventory, making your life easier.

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