Fuel inventory management system- Hurricane season.

Fuel Inventory Management -Hurricane season is here!

Hello friends, we are well into June and quickly tapping into July, most people are already in full summer swing planning vacations and just thinking of having fun in the sun. Then there is the other side, where many business owners (especially in the Gulf region) know that June marks the start of a different season: Hurricane Season.  Of course the first rule for survival in any situation is to be prepared, and planning for an Emergency Situation such as a natural disaster is no different.  Being able to provide for your customers on a daily basis is important, but being dependable in their most desperate time of need is a sure way to keep their loyalty to your business.  Unfortunately, doing so when your own resources are limited can be the tricky part.

Fuel_Inventory_Management_Hurricane_emergencyFor many, in the event that electricity is lost or unavailable, generators become a necessity and fuel (in all forms) becomes more precious than gold.  Major banks, hospitals, and food industry companies are only a few examples of those whose businesses will continue to function so long as there is fuel for their generators.  If you are able to provide your customers with the ability to run their generators and keep their business going, you need to be able to do so with organization and efficiency.  As you know, being able to monitor every drop of product dispensed is vital in this industry, but it is especially crucial to track every transaction, with a fuel inventory management system, in an emergency situation when most companies (including your own) are running off of skeleton crews and with limited supplies/means.  Production for many, cannot afford to halt, and fuel, lubricant, and DEF providers shouldn’t subject themselves to bad information or Inventory inaccuracies because electrical power is lost.  How can you manage your fuel inventory then?


Earlier this year, we explored the real-world scenario of setting up a WonderBox Automated Fuel Management System in a remote area using a 12Volt Battery and an Inverter (CLICK HERE TO READ THAT PREVIOUS BLOG).  If you’re currently using the original model of the WonderBox, this is still an effective method for monitoring your inventory without electricity.  TECALEMIT has since created, however, an alternative for such circumstances where there is no longer a need for the inverter.  It still has the same powerful benefits as the original WonderBox, tracking and managing every transaction and automating the data to be retrieved at your convenience.  The GEN II 12V should be coupled with a 12V pump and is essential for your Emergency Prep check list.  Even when the WonderBox powers down, the information will not be lost and can be accessed remotely or downloaded via the standard USB memory stick.


Fleet fuel inventory management systemBeing able to track your inventory after a hurricane, or other natural disaster, when your resources are limited is imperative.  Your business can’t stop simply because of a lack of electricity.  Many companies will still be expected to work around the clock, keeping their generators constantly running.   They are depending on fuel to keep their businesses alive and now, you can provide for them without jeopardizing your Inventory.  Don’t risk having even one gallon unaccounted for by manually keeping track of your fluid product.  Using the GEN II 12V for fuel inventory management will keep your customers and your mind at ease.



TECALEMIT Contact us informationIf you are looking for more information on this 12v fuel inventory management system of any other of our automated fueling systems; send us a message at sales@tecalemitusa.com or call us 281 446-7300.



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