Lube Oil Tank Package

Flexibility & Functionality: A Fresh Approach to Lube Oil Tank Packages


In todays on the go culture, we’ve developed a need for a one-stop shopping experience. We love things that are ready to go, easy to use, and satisfies our needs. This idea applies to every aspect of our lives. We don’t want to hesitate when it comes to making something work, especially when it comes to equipment. We understand the need and benefits that stem from having a complete turn-key system, so we’ve developed a fresh approach to lube oil tank packages that provide the flexibility and functionality needed to meet customer needs.

Here at TECALEMIT, we’ve embraced that one-stop shopping experience we all love and eliminated the need to outsource each component that makes up our lube oil tank packages. Behind each package is value that stems from each component added and as a true manufacturer, we offer a variety of configuration options to ensure we deliver specific customer value-driven solutions. Some of these value items include:


  • Fully turn-key
  • No assembly required or outsourcing on your end
  • Proven equipment for field work


Three of the most important items you need to know to support your customer are:


  • What tank size may be needed to support the project?
  • Is a single or double wall configuration needed on site?
  • Depending on distance, do they need a 3:1 or a 5:1 lube oil pump?


At the end of the day, our hope is that your overall experience with us is painless and hassle free. Our priority is your efficiency and success. If you have any questions for us regarding these lube oil tank packages and how you can customize your own, please contact us at sales@tecalemitusa.com




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