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Dispensing Nozzles: The Must Haves for Today’s DEF & Diesel industry

Nine years later, and we’re still finding Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and its diesel sectors in constant motion, growing and evolving as fleets turn over more trucks. With an increasing number of diesel operated vehicles on the road and the growing number of DEF applications, the question for quality and reliable equipment comes to mind. Wherever a customer may choose to go, they want to know they are making an investment towards DEF compatible equipment that will deliver the performance they expect. When it comes to dispensing DEF and diesel fuel, TECALEMIT’s range of nozzle options cater to our customer’s exact dispensing needs.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Nozzles

By now you should now that the standard for compatible equipment lies within the ISO 22241 specification for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  With that in mind, today’s industry demands on equipment are high from a reliability factor as well user friendliness.  TECALEMIT offers options like polyethylene and/or stainless steel, our automatic shut-off DEF nozzles are designed with a 3/4″ dispense opening that delivers up to a 12 gpm. Whether a hybrid or full stainless-steel automatic option, both come built with a standard swivel. On the other hand, our manual DEF nozzle also come with a standard swivel connection delivering higher flow rates.

TECALEMIT Automatic_DEF_nozzle_with_swivel

Automatic Hybrid DEF Nozzle with Swivel

TECALEMIT Manual Poly DEF Nozzle

Manual Poly DEF Nozzle


Diesel Nozzle

The number of diesel operated vehicles on the road has been on the rise as new industry developments take place. As business increases, so does the demand for diesel. The stainless-steel automatic diesel nozzle option we have available here at TECALEMIT is built for durability, reliability, and value. Whether filling tanks or trucks on site, this 1″ diesel nozzle comes ready to dispense at a high flow rate and designed to withstand the heavy demands of today’s users.

TECALEMIT Automatic Stainless-Steel Diesel Nozzle

Automatic Stainless-Steel Diesel Nozzle


Drumming Nozzle

When it comes to large bulk transfer applications from drums, totes, and various other tanks, the following bulk nozzles have become one of the most essential tools on the field. Drumming nozzles are designed with a 90° elbow and utilize a long fill spout of 1 ½” x 1 ½” to dispense maximum flow during transfer. We provide two different materials, polyethylene and aluminum.

TECALEMIT High Density Poly Drumming Nozzle for DEF

High Density Poly Drumming Nozzle for DEF

TECALEMIT Aluminum Drumming Nozzle

Aluminum Drumming Nozzle


Oil Dispensing Guns

One critical component in our turn-key oil tank packages is the digital oil dispense gun. The digital oil dispensing gun adds value to the complete oil tank package and aids in the overall performance of the system. Whatever configuration our customers choose to go with, we have a nozzle tailored to our customer’s needs.

TECALEMIT Oil Dispensing Guns with and without Meter


At the end of the day, we want you to remember that value, reliability, and durability are at the heart of each component we offer. We place customer needs on the forefront of what we do and will continue to do so as we evolve. If you have any questions for us, please contact us at sales@tecalemitusa.com.


TECALEMIT Nozzle Applications Collage

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