Hornet W85D Diesel Transfer Pump

The Ultimate Diesel Transfer Pump Solution

Real Challenges Call for Real Solutions

Each of TECALEMIT’s pumps are uniquely designed with the end user in mind. In an industry where details are critical, our engineers envision pump designs that allow users to be more efficient and collect a larger ROI, as a result. This is evident with the Hornet W85D diesel transfer pump.

In a world where challenges will arise, the Hornet W85D offers a value-driven solution. It is 100% continuous duty cycle, which allows it the capability of handling small, medium, and large configurations. With the Hornet W85D, there’s no waiting game to be played with 30 and 45 minute duty cycles. This pump offers both a vane and centrifugal combination system for faster, better productivity. Increase work efficiency and decrease wasted time spent at the pump with a system that’s built for uninterrupted performance.

The Hornet W85D diesel transfer pump comes standard with a 13 ft. discharge hose. However, unlike most pumps in the market, the Hornet W85D is capable of pushing product through various hose reel lengths, up to 100 ft. without complications or much loss of gallons per minute. Gain more flexibility on your site with a pump that was designed to get the job done, whatever the job may be.

In addition, the Hornet W85D diesel transfer pump kit offers the following:

  • Automatic Nozzle
  • FMT 3 Digital Flow Meter
  • 22 GPM Flow Rate with Accessories
  • Thermal Overload Protection Built-in
  • 13 ft. Suction Lift
  • Pressure of 36 psi
  • 115V/60Hz Power
  • 1” NPT Inlet/Outlet

For more information on the Hornet W85D diesel transfer pump, visit our Products Page. You can also send an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at (281) 446-7300.


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