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This is a quick snippet about the latest Diesel Exhaust Fluid forum addition on Tecalemit USA LinkedInLinkedIn…. the new Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment Center platform is now available focusing on the equipment side for DEF/AdBlue. 

This is a unique platform because it is fact an open format….. promotions are allowed but I believe that good information and valuable resources will be the main driver here.  We feel that end users and distributors are still asking good questions and needing more support on the equipment side.

The idea of bringing together people from the industry to pitch in on this new open forum is vital, since the industry is still young and looking for information.  We must not forget that, at the end of the day, our goal is about educating and adding value to this new platform.

Join us on the new LinkedIn Diesel Exhaust Fluid platform and let’s make it grow together. Click the hyperlink and once on LinkedIn, search for Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment Center.

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