DEF Mini Bulk Tank Storage System

DEF PRO All In One™ mini bulk tank systems- Winter dressed and ready.

DEF_PRO_All_In_One_mini_bulk_tank_systems_TECALEMIT_Winter_In Houston, Texas it takes a lot more than an Autumnal Equinox to bring on the cooler weather. While our northerner friends still vividly recall the punch from last winter’s temperatures; we are seeing the demand for people gearing up to stay ahead of the upcoming winter months. The worst thing to do in the event of another curveball Mother Nature may throw, is to be unprepared. Which brings us to our topic, a question that we’ve heard asked time and time again. How should Diesel Exhaust Fluid be handled and protected in cold climates?

This question is now more prevalent because of the recent winter history and also the push for bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid. By now you probably know at least the basics about Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). But in the event that you’ve been afraid to take the leap into bulk, you are probably wondering how you can keep DEF safe when the temperatures start to drop. If it hadn’t crossed your mind yet, we won’t tell anyone – just keep reading.

When DEF is being stored, it will freeze at a product temperature of 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Although most South East Texans can’t even fathom what 12 degrees feels like, our neighbors to the North know that the threat is real. In that event, the DEF PRO All In One™ mini bulk tank systems stepped into action last winter. Now with more features available to help you store DEF in a liquid form, the systems have received an upgrade in performance.

What makes up the DNA of the DEF PRO All In One™ mini bulk tank systems, in Northern outfit?

DEF_PRO_All_In_One_mini_bulk_tank_systems_TECALEMIT_Winter_1DEF_PRO_All_In_One_mini_bulk_tank_systems_TECALEMIT_Winter_ TECALEMITThe standard system consists of 2” of exterior insulation along with a commercial heater inside the heavy duty cabinet to maintain the hoses nice and toasty. However, for more severe temperatures that our Canadian friends have experienced, the systems can be fitted with heat tracing around the tank to fight back and help you make it through even the grayest of winters. Available insulation is also now available for the inside cabinets if so required.



Don’t wait until the last minute…October is here and the winds of change are upon us. The new DEF PRO All In One™ mini bulk tank systems are dressed up and ready.

Stay warm.


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