DEF Pro All-In-One Bulk Tank Shipping and Handling Details

Often times when our customers place an order for our All-In-One def bulk storage tanks, they’re left wondering what exactly is happening behind the scenes with their order. Here at Tecalemit, we want you to know that we take pride in ensuring our customer’s orders are processed, shipped, and delivered with a great deal of care.  We understand that customers want the peace of mind to know that their financial investments are being handled properly and are delivered as they were told. The idea of something going wrong during the shipment process is truly a nightmare, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Today, we’re here to fill you in on some of the small details we cover before shipping out orders on large equipment, much like our All-In-One def bulk storage tanks. There’s no doubt that our All-In-One def bulk storage tanks are a great investment that hold a hefty weight.

Secure Packaging

One of the biggest and most important things we do when prepping our units to go out for shipping, is tightly wrapping the entire unit from top to bottom. All exterior components, such as hoses and pump equipment, get wrapped in a thick plastic to secure every inch of the unit. To protect delicate components, we use additional bubble-wrap and/or Instapak foam packaging to firmly protect lose parts. Every part of the unit is guaranteed to be tightly secured.

Heavy-Duty Bands

Transporting these large 800-1000 gallon def bulk storage tanks can be dangerous if not done correctly. Another step of precaution we take when shipping out these large bulk tank units is strapping them down to the pallet they’re shipped out with. Every bulk tank has a built-in anchoring-system in order to help with anchoring it down to its platform. We take advantage of these anchor-systems during transport by using heavy-duty bands that maintain the unit from tipping over or rolling off the pallet.

Receiving Your Equipment

It is crucial that once you receive your delivery, take a moment to do a quick walk-through to confirm that there is no physical damage to your new equipment and that you’ve taken the time to read the labels on the exterior of the package before signing-off on the order. If you do notice anything unusual or out of the ordinary, please let us know immediately so we can be aware of the issue. Time is sensitive and communication is key.

In summary, our goal at Tecalemit is to not only have you receive the product you ordered, but for it to work as expected as well. We want you to receive your def bulk storage tank in once piece, ready to service your needs and have it on the field as soon as possible.

To get a visual inside look at what we do to prepare these All-In-One def bulk storage tanks for shipping, click on the following link and watch the video:



def bulk storage tank


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