FAQ: Why Should You Use Double Wall DEF Storage Containment Opposed to Single?

DEF Double Wall Storage Containment v. Single Wall



A frequently asked question we receive regarding the Kingspan BlueMaster® mini bulk storage tank is why it’s better (and recommended) to use a DEF double wall storage containment set up, opposed to a single wall containment setup. This is a great question many consumers have and we are happy to help those of you answer it in this short video and blog.

As you may already know, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a non-hazardous product and can be used effectively in a single wall containment set up, so long as the tank does not become damaged. However, what you may not know is that many areas of the U.S. are now requesting users to have a DEF double-wall storage containment set up for their tanks. Even though DEF is non-hazardous, it can cause quite the environmental mess if it leaks from your single wall storage tank.

The BlueMaster® is your ultimate island friendly DEF storage solution. It has a TRUE double-wall containment storage set-up and serves many purposes. Should the inner tank be compromised or damaged, the DEF would still be contained by the second containment wall. In addition, there are no opening below liquid level to ensure the true double wall configuration.

The BlueMaster® DEF island friendly mini bulk storage tank is a great fit for fleets, cardlock locations, municipalities, and meets all of your island friendly needs.

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